A Knot that is the Name 12/1/2012

A body constructs what is local, synthesizing a sense of the present. There are mutual relationships within the body and between bodies; we have similar bifurcations, sense organs, and organic organizing principles. Some of these principles are designated by the golden ratio (a discovered number based on growth patterns). Similarities between vastly differing bodies allows subjects to communicate. Both walls and words produce order. We dwell in language. The inside and outside of a wall delineate two sets of conditions that are not necessarily opposite. Rather, these seemingly opposing conditions of inside and outside are connected because a wall constructs spatial presence. Here and there are built out of one object; a wall. In the case of “a knot that is the name”, a structure is converted into an image. The image is produced out of pebbles, which have been displaced. It is difficult to decipher. The deferral simultaneously disorients and locates the body amidst patterns of growth and connection. What is the desire to flatten or name a complex instance? The present is the medium from which a referential outside is realized. The moment an image or perception is identified, it becomes categorically oriented in language and given a word, which can be connected to other words and other outsides. Words divide duration by reference. Objects separate space by presence. Both are connected in a knot that binds one to the other. The body is separate when considered an object, and connected when it is part of a process. When being is dislocated from language, the prospect of seeing language as a condition becomes possible. -Taft Green