Katie Grinnan - FYI

A couple of years ago, I made a piece based on the brain (but mostly my brain) called Brainwaves. For this project at LAMOA, I wanted to deal with the way community, conversation, and ideas sculpt individual modes of thinking and perceiving….. I wanted make a sculpture that incorporated multiple points of view so I reached out to my art community, friends and family asking them to contribute information. That meant any information that they wanted to share.... anything that they found interesting for whatever reason and wanted to be public. It was not about secret stuff or anything that someone would feel proprietary over, just free information of any kind. I also asked specifically for a youtube video.

The information that I received ranged from an Old Magician’s notebook, night braces, monochrome rainbows to a collection of images of jackknifes and iron lungs. Youtube videos covered everything from skydiving cats, how to make butter, to a tragic documentary on a famous wrestling family.

Viewers are invited to browse the archive and are welcome to contribute information and add your name to the information pool. Information must be on 8x10 paper or you can write down weblinks that I will add later.

This sculpture will travel to the Print Center in Philadelphia in September.
All additions will be included in that exhibition.