Maidenhair Falls - Janet Kim

In celebration of this year's vernal equinox Janet Kim has gathered waters from seven waterfalls in Southern California, and decanted them into an organic receptacle balanced on a Maidenhair tree which the artist grew from a seed when she was a child.

The balance is at the hour of equinox. The balance of spirit. Reincarnation. Love.

Janet Kim's exhibition The Maidenhair Falls will be on view at LAMOA from March's full moon to the equinox (March 12 - March 20).
Reception March 20, 4-7pm at LAMOA at Occidental College

Janet Kim lives in Southern California with her husband, painter and collagist Garrett Cathey, and one year old daughter Penelope. She is founder and director of Tiny Creatures and singer-songwriter and front woman of Softboiled Eggies with whom she has released two studio albums. She is currently interested in memory and rituals in photography and sculpture, storytelling and song.

Photo Credit: Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear by Janet Kim


Photos and video by Isabell Spengler