LAMOA DS#3 presents: "An Oversized Object" by David Polzin July 30 - October 2016

Taking the dimensions and three sections of DS#3 into consideration, David Polzin's trifold installation experiments with scale to imagine different methods of display for a diorama, a collection, and an incomplete sculpture. One unit of DS#3 is self referential, extending an on-going collaboration with the artist Wilhelm Klotzek as KLOZIN on an exhibition at the Kunstverein Heidelberg. Using miniatures, Polzin reflects on his thought process of preparing for this exhibition, collapsing sequences of events into a panoptic timeline. Adjacent unit showcases the artist’s collection of altered lighter caps that references morphology and the display of insects in glass vitrines. By co-opting a display system used for natural specimens with dismounted heads of a common industrial object, Polzin conflates the conventional method of sampling and subject of a collection. The third unit serves as a commemorative time capsule for a fragment of an actual size object that would never be built.

David Polzin's (b. 1982 in Hennigsdorf, Germany; lives and works in Berlin and Los Angeles) studied sculpture at the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee with Eran Schaerf and Karin Sander (2003-09) and the Bezalel Academy of Fine Arts and Design Jerusalem (2006-07). He received a work scholarship from the Jürgen Ponto-Foundation (2010-2011) and the Cultural exchange stipend of the federal state of Berlin—Visual arts: L.A. (2015-16).