Sonia Leimer-Wow!

Photo: Alexis Hyman Wolff

For this exhibition I'm working directly with the architecture of the Los Angeles Museum of Art. I modify the space by furnishing one side of the facade with breakaway glass. Breakaway glass is a highly produced material which is used to simulate glass in movies. The filmic context of this material turns both the architecture and the museum itself into a prop.  Because of its brittle condition the glass is not an appropriate material to compose the facade of a building for a longer period. Eventually it will break without anyone knowing when this might happen. In this sense the glass becomes part of the narrative of the exhibition, and represents an action that will follow in time.
Inside the museum I placed an object that is both table and display vitrine at once. Reminiscent of an oversized four-part Josef Albers side table, this object contains collages that are made in close collaboration with Alice K├Ânitz. The collages are a collection of dialogues between objects from diverse cultural areas spanning a total of 2400 years.

An artist book featuring a conversation between both artists will function as an integral part of the exhibition. It will be published after the show.

Sonia Leimer

Photos: Robert Wedemeyer



Photos: Christian Mayer